Forbes Business Council member Amit Hooda is the founder of Heavenly Organics and founder and CEO of Secteur 6.

As I watched the first presidential debate in late September, I realized how much America has changed since I first arrived here in 2000. Back then I was a young, brown-skinned kid from India and just 20 years old, I had moved to Iowa (of all places) to attend school. It was the polar opposite of everything I’d ever known — even the cows were different.

I definitely experienced some racism, but it was most often based on ignorance. Once I took the time to discover Iowa and its people, I saw that the Midwest had a lot in common with the farming states I grew up in. In my experience, Iowans are honest, hardworking people who enjoy their day-to-day lives. Understanding this made it easier for me to feel at home in my new country and meet some of my most cherished and loyal friends to this day...Read More

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