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NYFW 2020 Sectuer 6 Runway Season I

Secteur 6, the world’s first fully regenerative fashion brand founded by brothers Amit and Puneet Hooda, takes on New York Fashion Week for their Runway Debut, February 6, 2020. Produced by Kelly Cutrone and People's Revolution, Styled by Masha Orlov. “There is a serious change afoot and Secteur 6 is committed to changing the direction of where the earth is heading while simultaneously elevating the feminine in all her forms,” says Amit Hooda.
Collection I

Regenerative Fashion


PILLAR 01 Perpetual Transparency

Secteur 6 is highly committed to stringent, regenerative design and production. From farm to factory to shops and ecommerce, we’ve set the transparency bar for the fashion world.

Transparency starts in our factory

PILLAR 02 Environmental Consciousness

Fashion is the second-largest polluter in the world. Secteur 6 insists on using the finest biodegradable fabrics, natural dyes and processes, and furthering farmer education. Our organic, regenerative growing methods eliminate use of pesticides and reduce water use.

Reducing our footprint

PILLAR 03 Advancing Workers

We recognize and embrace the individuality of all our workers. Our state-of-the-art facilities, continuing education programs, full health insurance, and in-house advancement opportunities are the keys of our success. At Secteur 6, we empower people – and they in turn empower others.

Changing lives, changing futures

PILLAR 04 Gender Equality

Everybody receives Equal Pay, Equal Opportunity, and Equal Respect. Every Time.

Our promise of equality

PILLAR 05 Regenerative Design

Secteur 6 has created game-changing fabrics from rose petal silks to wovens made from Banana, Mushroom, Organic Bamboo, Hemp and Cotton. All of our products are 100% biodegradable

Check out our textiles

PILLAR 06 Advancing Arts & Culture

Like the plants we grow, Secteur 6 is rooted in culture, tradition and art. We honor the past and pay it forward.

Discover our influences