The Hooda Family: A Legacy for Change

Secteur 6 founders Amit and Puneet Hooda have spent their lives creating conscious businesses. Their father, renowned agronomist Dr. I.S. Hooda, pioneered regenerative ways to grow food that have helped tens of thousands of farmers across the globe. The brothers carried on his legacy to become leaders in the regenerative farming movement in their native India and throughout the world, expanding its reach into new industries. They founded Heavenly Organics to promote responsible agriculture and provide economic opportunities for families in conflict-torn regions.

Secteur 6 is their newest platform for healing and change.

The goal is simple: to create cutting—edge fashion while implementing progressive, regenerative solutions that heal the earth and uplift workers.

Working with design teams in New York and Paris, the Hoodas are bringing intelligent, fresh design to radically conscious clothing, helping to transform a massive industry in a moment of global reckoning.

“We chose fashion as a force for change because it’s an immensely powerful medium for change.” - Amit Hooda

Our Philosophy:


Secteur 6 is on a mission to dramatically reduce the fashion industry’s toxic footprint while healing the planet, humanity, and ourselves. We are the RE GENERATION.


A movement of people of all ages who reject environmental degradation and work
exploitation and are pioneering new ways to heal the Earth and Humanity through
what they make and buy.

  • RENEW the soil
  • RESTORE dignity to farmers
  • RETHINK factory production, workforce wellness
  • RE GENERATE the Earth and humanity

Check out our six secteurs of radically regenerative fashion.

Our goal is to eliminate the negative impact of fashion on humanity and the environment.