“Fashion should express our highest ideals, not our most destructive impulses.”
- Amit Hooda, Founder, Secteur 6


The fashion industry has ravaged the planet. At Secteur 6 we’re committed to actively making things better, not just being “sustainable.” Because there is nothing sustainable about our current reality. Our fully regenerative approach extends to farming but also labor practices. There is not yet an internationally-recognized seal for “regenerative” fashion, so we’re defining our industry-leading standards with six pillars, or secteurs. We challenge other brands to be equally transparent.


We couldn't find a factory that met our high standards, so we built our own in New Delhi, India, and it's raising the bar for transparency in the fashion world.


There is nothing fashionable about the way fashion reaches the catwalk. Conventional cotton degrades soil, requires tons of pesticides, pollutes water, and sickens farmers and workers.

We support regenerative farmers who grow in ways that nourish the soil.WE USE ZERO PESTICIDES AND 30 to 40 percent less water (fashion produces 20 percent of wastewater globally). By HELPING CHANGE changing how this one mega-crop is farmed, we’re changing the industry… and the world.


We are uplifting the people whose oppression built the global fashion industry. We recognize our
workers as individuals with hopes and dreams for themselves and their families.

We pay 20 to 50 percent above the national minimum wage. We offer health insurance so workers and their families can visit private hospitals rather than wait in line for months at a public hospital (sadly common in India). Our factory is air-conditioned—also a luxury in India! During the 2.5 months our factory shut down for COVID, we paid our workers fully.


Our signature fabrics are made from all-organic materials including cotton, bamboo, rose petal silk, mushrooms and bananas, and use all-natural dyes. We never use synthetics, which release “microplastics” into the water every time you wash them—dumping the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles into our oceans annually. Why are we not talking about this?


The glass ceiling is never a good look. Secteur 6 is proudly a female-forward company where women receive equal pay, equal opportunity, and equal respect—every time.

To even the playing field in a male-dominated industry we prioritize women in our hiring and provide specialized skill training to help them advance.

Preserving local culture

Secteur 6 is a global brand that celebrates art, tradition, and storytelling from the streets to the marketplaces of the world. We are incorporating Indian embroidery methods to allow workers to express their artistry. We honor the past even as we help ensure the future.

Our Farmers

New Delhi, India

Our farmers grow organic cotton without the use of pesticides, in ways that nourish the soil—not deplete it. This protects their health and the health of workers who pick the crops, who are often women and children.

Our Workers

New Delhi, India

We recognize the employees at our factory in New Delhi, India as individuals with hopes and dreams for themselves and their families—which is why we’re paying them 20 to 50 percent above the local minimum wage and offering generous benefits. The health of our employees is just as important to us as the health of our global environment.

By changing the global fashion industry, we can change the world.