The only way
forward is upward.

Amit Hooda, Founder, CEO of Secteur_6

Our Name:

One community in India transforming global fashion.

Secteur 6 is a district in Delhi where our founding textile factory is located. It is an exact location on a map, with actual buildings, with real people, doing real work.

Our collection pays for the education, job training, healthcare and community improvement of the workers in our facilities and farms we work with.

Our name is a permanent reminder of the connection our clothing makes between each human that touches each piece we create. The growth of Secteur 6 the brand will grow and develop Secteur 6 the community along with the people living there, working there.

A Luxury
Fashion Brand

If we transform fashion, we can transform the world.

Fashion is so big, so important, so visible, that it’s the ultimate medium for change—both message and result in one. We believe fashion is one of the ultimate forms of human expression and therefore should express our ultimate human ideals.

By comprehensively re-thinking the entire way we engage with making and consuming clothes we can create a maximum positive human impact with every item we sell.

Regenerative Fashion.

6 pillars



Own the factory, reduce the middle man, distribute the resources, create perpetual growth.

We want to challenge the fashion industry, which for too long has been mired in layers of middlemen and dubious supply chains with little attention given to the farmer. Our supply chain is not top-down but collaborative. In fact, you can see every part of it. To be regenerative, we must be transparent — and we have no problem sharing.


Environmental Impact

Long-term sourcing, direct relationships, farmer education.


Our farmers are just as important as our designers. We use only organic cotton, or BCI cotton, which is part of the Better Cotton Initiative, and silk. These farmers grow the raw material while creating a positive footprint on their farms. Hence, the cotton regenerates the land.

Cotton, while a beautiful natural material, can be harsh on the soil. For decades, much of the world's cotton has been grown with the use of pesticides. These chemicals have wreaked havoc on our environment and the farmers who use them daily. With topsoil depleting globally, we need to invest in the regeneration of the land. That’s why we’re working with farmers who are focused on organic agriculture — and those who are converting to regenerative farming practices. In fact, we even provide agronomy classes and support to our farmers to see how they can improve their crop and yield, while enriching the soil.

Unfortunately, farmers don’t do cat walks and runways. If they did, they would be telling us that the materials we wear are under threat. That’s why we have to pay as much attention to soil health as we do to fashion weeks. We even have an agronomist on our team — that’s how keen we we are about this.

Lastly, we believe in natural materials because these are the materials that let your skin breathe. They have little impact on the Earth when they’re torn, too old to wear.  They break down with ease and return to the soil they were born in. From an ecological standpoint, these materials help us alleviate our dependence on synthetics, which are all made from petroleum-based products.

And let’s face it, mounds of trash have never been fashionable.


The raw materials are then taken to our factory, situated on the outskirts of Delhi. Here, we transform this beautiful material into the creations and vision of our designer.

But we do so in a way, unlike any other factory in the textile industry.

Just as we want the land to be revitalized and renewed with organic matter, we want our workers to feel proud of their craft and their workplace. It should not merely be a job, but a healthy, balanced way of life.


Investing in the Workforce

Educating, supporting and empowering worker advancement and skill.

That’s why we invest in our work Each tailor and craftsperson in our facility is provided health insurance — for themselves and for their families. We don’t want to stress out the breadwinner of the family. We want him or her to enjoy their trade. So we take the burden of health off their shoulders. Now, they can afford to visit qualified physicians at some of India’s best private care clinics and hospitals.


Welcoming Women

Creating security, family support, education and advancement.

We provide 20 to 50 percent above average wages. And we’re making a concerted effort to draw more women in our facility. We transformed the lives of two ladies: they came in as cleaners, and left as seamstresses. We provide training to women who are keen to learn the craft because we recognize the challenges of being a working woman in India. We’ve set a goal for ourselves to increase the number of women working in our facility exponentially.

Lastly, because at the root of all transformations is education, we give our workers —and their families— an educational stipend. They can use this towards their children’s education or towards their own development.

Over 12 workers come each day to an air conditioned and spacious factory. We want them to have peace of mind, and be in good health — just like you and I yearn for in a job and a workplace. Seems fair, right?


Regenerating Design

The finest materials, impeccable execution, trend surpassing style at an accessible luxury pricing.

We didn’t set out to build a luxury fashion brand. We set out to build clothes that are artfully conceived and made to last.

The reality is that luxury fashion brands sell an aspirational image, not a high-quality product. It’s an illusion of joining an elite section of society. We don’t believe in divisions in humanity — we favor unity, compassion, and the power of the collective human spirit.

That’s why our approach to design and luxury is simplistic: these are clothes that are meant reawaken the spirit, not just the body. They should carry the story of the hands that crafted each piece. And they should be available at a price that is accessible to more, not fewer, people.

Our designer, who incidentally spent time at luxury fashion houses, brings her knowledge to this new approach to fashion — one that invests in the materials and the people as much as it does in the marketing.


Respecting Craftsmanship

Exploring traditions, skills, creating.

We use only the highest-quality cotton and silks and then weave them into thick, durable fabric that will withstand years of washing and wear. We don’t want you to chuck it in the bin after a season. We want you to cherish it in your wardrobe for the next decade — at least.

And we bring a unique spin on our designs: an amalgamation of the vibrancy and heritage of India with the chic, classic silhouettes of the French. It’s an exquisite balanced, designed for the modern woman.

Regenerative Fashion.
Is Fashion Activism.